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Preparing for a CQC Inspection

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Preparing for a CQC Inspection


Hearing the CQC is due for a visit to your organisation can cause tension. A CQC inspection checks that health and social care providers and facilities are up to standard. So, you have to be ready to demonstrate compliance with all the relevant regulations. The inspection should show that you offer safe and outstanding services. Adequate training and preparation ensure the inspection goes smoothly. Inspire to Outstand provides comprehensive training for CQC inspections. We prepare your staff on how to best present your services.

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What to expect

​Before you begin any preparation, you should know what to expect from the CQC inspection process, especially if it's your first one. The inspection process has recently changed and much of the information will be requested in advance of the physical visit.


It is important to have this concise information ready and we can help with that. The inspector usually attends a small clinic for one day however larger organisations may experience a longer visit.


You could get an inspection team or a single inspector assigned to you. The process involves an inspector(s) talking to the practice manager, staff and service users. Therefore, you must ensure everyone is ready to cooperate and answer questions as necessary. Additionally, read the assessment framework to know what you are supposed to do. We can help to prepare your team for this.

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CQC Inspection Checklist

Collective Audience

​CQC inspectors will not just take you at your word when it comes to compliance. So, it is important to have all the paperwork prepared. The process focuses on the key lines of enquiry which are dominated by safety. To ensure you can demonstrate this it helps to start

reviewing records, including staff recruitment and training records.

Highlight Good Practice

What makes you stand out as a care provider? You can get the answer to this by putting together examples of good practice. Take this opportunity to promote your services. Highlight your excellence to the inspectors. Speak to patients and get their feedback on the care you provide. Conduct surveys to know how well your services meet their needs.

Acknowledge problems

Be honest about any challenges the service might be facing. Do a risk assessment before the inspection to see where the weaknesses lie. During the inspection, acknowledge the areas where your services fall short and talk about the plans in place to address them.

Prepare the staff

All members of the team should know CQC& responsibility. All staff within the team should be up to date with the standards and protocols. We conduct staff training to ensure everyone this has been analysed prior to the inspector questions. From risk management to employee training to compliance advice, we help you to prepare adequately for a CQC inspection.

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A CQC inspection is a daunting experience for most services.


However, regular service reviews will improve your experience. Set aside some time and money to ensure that the members of staff are well-prepared and you have answers to all potential questions.


At Inspire to Outstand, our team has the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire journey. Our services are ethical and reliable. If you need help, contact us via email or on the phone by calling 07825 311 900.

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